NASA has bold plans to land on an asteroid and even put a human on Mars in the next 25 years. Yet funding and interest dwindle in the U.S., where the final frontier once inspired wonder in the Cold War era. (Image courtesy of NASA)
Used by Martin O'Malley during his two terms as Maryland's governor and Baltimore's mayor, data-driven approaches to policymaking can be successful at the state and local level. But can they be expanded to encompass data from across the nation?
Nursing programs remain popular but professionals are unsure if the market is slated for growth or saturation.
An unusually cold winter has delayed the District's famous cherry blossoms from reaching peak bloom. Despite that, the National Cherry Blossom Festival will begin Friday to coincide with the start of spring.
The youth vote is crucial to the GOP’s fate in 2016 but experts are not sure the former governor can make it past the early voting contests.
When President Barack Obama discusses closing Guantanamo, he is only referring to the detention facilities, which opened in 2002. The base, which has been there since 1903, is not up for discussion.
The number of students entering the workforce has grown rapidly during the 21st century, and as baby boomers retire students will continue to pour in. Many are concerned that as faculty retire too, there will not be enough educators for nursing students.