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Unpaid internships: are they worth it? While paid internships are not easy to come by, settling for an unpaid one may not be the smartest career move, studies show.
Youth voters helped elect Obama in 2008 and 2012, but unless candidates ask, the youth might not turn up at the midterm elections or in 2016.
Unclear drug management guidelines in the Department of Defense have led to inconsistent prescription practices in veterans’ hospitals across the nation.
Veterans who have tried to get treatment for conditions like PTSD arising after sexual assaults in the military say the VA is not equipped to treat the lasting effects of sexual assault the same way it is able to address combat trauma.
Personalized "smart" guns arrived in the U.S. this year to mixed reactions from consumers. But what could they mean for law enforcement?
Lawmakers are criticizing the cuts to defense spending President Barack Obama planned for 2015, especially after Russian intervention in Ukraine escalated this week.
Explore how the Crimean crisis unfolded, leading to a vote seceding from Ukraine and joining Russia, and what it revealed about President Barack Obama's diplomatic, economic and military tactics. How would you have played the foreign policy game yourself? Obama's Ukraine Game, by Vesko Cholakov
Updates to the nutrition label and removing trans fat from food will lead to greater transparency of what goes into food, health experts say.
As young voters gain power within the environmental movement, conservation issues may become more important in future elections.
The passage of the Child Care Development Block Grant Act of 2014 and other national action are the result of renewed interest in child care and education
Helped along by nonprofit EducationSuperHighway, the Federal Communications Commission is working toward President Barack Obama's ConnectED initiative of expanding high-speed Internet access in public schools.
In 2015, the Department of Homeland Security plans to heavily target child pornography.
Since Al-Qaida has re-emerged in Iraq with its capture of Fallujah, lawmakers and experts debate what role the U.S. should play in the ongoing conflict.